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Mutual Funds in Year 2013

Reliance Mutual Fund
Reliance Mutual Fund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, debt mutual funds are the best performing mutual funds. The debt mutual funds primarily invest in debentures, bonds, fixed incomes, securities etc for either long term, short term or medium term. The debt funds are low risk funds with higher returns in comparisons to fixed deposits in banks.
Debt funds are easy to liquidate and come with flexible investment terms and withdrawal facility. Investing in debt mutual funds proves to be good investment when interest rates are falling.

Investors who are plans to get returns above bank interest rates and face low market risk can invest in these debt mutual funds. For better returns, invest in debt mutual funds for a period between 3 to 5 years.

Always note that all mutual funds are unstable and are directly exposed to market risk. Also save yourselves from the miss-selling from agents or brokers. Before investing, check the past performance of the mutual fund. If you don’t feel comfortable, study more, and invest only when you are clear and comfortable. The mutual funds schemes don’t provide any guarantee for objective provided in the mutual fund schemes.

Once you become mutual fund savvy investor, you will feel comfortable and easy to invest and will reap the effective and safe returns from mutual funds.
In year 2013 it is expected that in debt mutual fund category Birla Sun Life Medium Term, Franklin Templeton India Income Builder Plan A and Religare Active Income Plan A will be the best performer.

Among the balanced mutual funds, HDFC Balanced, HDFC Prudence, Reliance Regular Saving Balance and Birla Sun Life will be the best performer.

In this blog above all details are provided in good faith but without guarantee. Readers should take advice of their own or experts before investing.

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