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Rubber Plantation in Maharashtra

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Rubber Plantation Business

Investment in Commercial Rubber Plantaion Business.

Rubber plantations have been gaining popularity in Maharashtra, particularly in the Konkan region, due to the favorable climatic and agricultural conditions. Rubber is a versatile industrial raw material used in various sectors, including the automobile industry, and its demand consistently outstrips supply, leading to price increases. Therefore, promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can be a profitable investment and a step towards self-sufficiency in this critical raw material.

rubber plantation

Rubber cultivation has a long history in India, but it has only recently gained attention in Maharashtra. The region's climate and soil conditions are similar to traditional rubber-growing areas, making it an ideal location for rubber plantations. Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts have been identified as suitable areas for rubber cultivation, and efforts are being made to promote this crop in the region.

Promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra requires a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the government, private companies, and farmers. The government can play a crucial role in promoting rubber cultivation by providing subsidies and incentives to farmers. For instance, the Maharashtra government can provide subsidies for rubber plantation establishment, maintenance, and processing. Such subsidies can reduce the initial investment costs for farmers and encourage them to adopt rubber cultivation.

The government can also promote rubber cultivation by creating awareness about the benefits of this crop. This can be achieved through extension services, training programs, and awareness campaigns. The government can collaborate with private companies and agricultural institutions to provide training and support to farmers. Such initiatives can help farmers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to establish and maintain rubber plantations successfully.

Private companies can also play a significant role in promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra. Companies in the rubber industry can invest in research and development to improve rubber cultivation techniques and processing methods. They can also collaborate with farmers and provide them with technical support and market linkages. Such partnerships can help farmers increase their productivity and income, thereby promoting rubber cultivation in the region.

Farmers are the key to the success of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra. They need to be motivated and encouraged to adopt rubber cultivation. This can be achieved by providing them with incentives, training, and support. The government and private companies can work together to create a conducive environment for farmers to adopt rubber cultivation. This can include providing access to quality planting materials, extension services, and credit facilities.

The promotion of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can have significant economic and environmental benefits. Rubber cultivation can provide new job opportunities, generate income for farmers, and contribute to the state's economy. It can also help in absorbing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable agriculture. However, rubber cultivation should be promoted in a sustainable and responsible manner, taking into account the environmental and social impacts.

In conclusion, promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra requires a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the government, private companies, and farmers. The government can play a crucial role in promoting rubber cultivation by providing subsidies and incentives to farmers. Private companies can invest in research and development and collaborate with farmers to provide technical support and market linkages. Farmers are the key to the success of rubber cultivation, and they need to be motivated and encouraged to adopt this crop. The promotion of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can have significant economic and environmental benefits, but it should be done in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Opportunity Zone Investment Fund

Opputunity Zone Investment

Zone Investment Opportunity

Business Investings

Opportunity Zones are economically distressed communities in need of investment and revitalization, created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

These zones represent 12% of all census tracts in the U.S., with many located in rural areas. Investors can allocate capital to these regions through Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOFs), investment vehicles organized for the purpose of investing in assets within qualified opportunity zones. QOFs can invest in both real estate and businesses, with real estate investments requiring substantial improvements.

opportunity Investment Zone

The primary tax benefit for investors in QOFs is the deferral of tax payments on capital gains realized from prior investments. If an investor allocates capital gains from a prior investment into a QOF within 180 days from the sale date, they can defer tax payment on the gain until the opportunity fund is sold or December 31, 2026, whichever comes first.

Additionally, investors can reduce their tax burdens by holding onto their investments for at least five to ten years. However, there are criticisms of Opportunity Zones and QOFs, with some suggesting they are more about tax planning for the rich than making a meaningful long-term impact in economically disadvantaged regions.

Due to the complexities around eligibility, funding, and timing, it is recommended to consult with a tax expert who specializes in this type of investing. In summary, Opportunity Zones and QOFs provide a way for investors to defer capital gains taxes while investing in economically distressed communities.

However, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations and consider seeking professional advice before investing. The potential for meaningful impact in these communities and the tax benefits for investors make Opportunity Zones and QOFs a worthwhile consideration for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios

Commercial Land 20,000 Sq ft at Taloja, Navi Mumbai

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Commercial Land for Sale

Investment in Commercial Land and Properties at Taloja,Navi Mumbai, India.

For businesses in search of a large-scale commercial space in the Navi Mumbai area, a 20,000 sq ft plot of land in Taloja offers excellent potential. Situated in a strategic industrial or commercial zone, this sizable parcel presents a prime opportunity to develop a substantial warehouse or commercial unit tailored to meet the needs of a thriving enterprise. The ample 20,000 sq mtr size of the land allows for the creation of a spacious facility, ideal for large-scale warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, or office operations.

This generous square footage enables businesses to optimize efficiency, streamline logistics, and provide adequate space for staff, equipment, and inventory.

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Taloja's well-developed social and physical infrastructure, along with its convenient connectivity, further enhances the appeal of this commercial land.

Businesses can take advantage of the area's robust transportation network, ensuring seamless access for employees, customers, and suppliers. Moreover, the Central Business District zoning of the Taloja plot allows for a wide range of retail, office, and restaurant uses, as well as multi-family residential above the first floor and to the rear of commercial uses.

This zoning flexibility opens up various possibilities for developers and businesses, enabling them to create a space that caters specifically to their operational requirements. In summary, the 20,000 sq mtr commercial land available for sale in Taloja, Navi Mumbai, offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses in need of a large-scale warehousing or commercial facility.

Its strategic location, generous square footage, and flexible zoning make it an ideal choice for companies looking to consolidate operations or expand their footprint in the region
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Commercial property investors in India

investment business

Business: Invest in Commercial Properties in India

Investing in Property Business

In India, the commercial property investment sector has been growing steadily over the past few years. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing demand for commercial spaces, the government's initiatives to promote real estate investments, and the changing preferences of investors.
Here are some key commercial property investors in India

Large Corporations

Large corporations in India, such as Reliance Industries, Tata Group, and Mahindra & Mahindra, have been actively investing in commercial real estate to expand their business operations and establish a strong presence in the market.
Real estate developers: Real estate developers, such as DLF, Unitech, and Purvankara, have been playing a significant role in the commercial property investment sector. They invest in developing commercial properties, such as office spaces, shopping malls, and warehouses, and then lease them out to tenants.

Foreign Investors

Foreign investors, including institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, have been increasingly investing in the Indian commercial property market. They see the potential for high returns and growth in the Indian economy.

Mutual Funds and Pension Funds

Mutual funds and pension funds have been investing in commercial real estate as part of their investment portfolios. They believe that commercial real estate offers stable returns and growth potential.

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Venture Capital firms

Venture capital firms have been investing in commercial real estate projects in India. They provide capital to developers and investors to help them develop and manage commercial properties.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions, such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India, have been providing loans and other financial services to investors in the commercial property sector. They see the potential for growth and returns in this sector.

Individual Investors

Individual investors, including high-net-worth individuals and professionals, have been investing in commercial real estate as part of their investment portfolios. They believe that commercial real estate offers stable returns and growth potential.

In conclusion, the commercial property investment sector in India is diverse and dynamic, with a wide range of investors participating in this market. The increasing demand for commercial spaces, the government's initiatives to promote real estate investments, and the changing preferences of investors are driving the growth of this sector.

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Business Funding

Business Funding and Procedures 

 1. Self-funding: One option is to fund the business yourself. This could involve using personal savings, credit cards, or taking out a personal loan. This option allows you to maintain control over the business and avoid giving away equity or control to outside investors. 

 2. Friends and family: Another option is to seek funding from friends and family members. This can be a good way to secure funding without giving away equity or control to outside investors, but it's important to establish clear terms and agreements to avoid potential conflicts down the line. 

 3. Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo can be a good way to raise funds from a large number of people. This option can be particularly effective if you have a compelling product or service that resonates with a specific audience. 

 4. Angel investors: Angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest in early-stage startups in exchange for equity or convertible debt. This option can provide more funding than friends and family, but may require giving up some control or ownership of the business. 
 5. Venture capital: Venture capital firms invest in startups with high growth potential in exchange for equity. This option can provide significant funding and resources, but may also require giving up a significant portion of ownership and control of the business. 

 6. Small business loans: Small business loans are a type of financing provided by banks or other financial institutions. This option can provide significant funding, but may also require a strong credit history or collateral to secure the loan. 

 By considering these options and selecting the one that best suits your needs and goals, you can secure funding for your new business venture and start building your dream.

Business Funding and Loans

Financiers available for suitable business in India
Private Finance & Business Loans

Self Funding Internet Business

SEO is the short form of, 'search engine optimisation,'. Search engine optimisation, as you might well be able to guess from its name, it's all about optimising your website for the purpose of making it rank better within the search engines. But the question is, why do businesses in particular even bother with it?

Anyone who has looked into SEO has probably heard the term 'spiders,' or 'crawlers,' which are essentially the bots that search engines send to scour the web. The information these bots retrieve makes up the search results within the search engines. By carrying out on page optimisation on your website, you make changes that assist these bots to know exactly what your website is relevant for.

We love the Internet. Over recent years the number of people using it to make purchases or enquire about potential purchases has risen rapidly. We can buy anything online from car insurance, to food and clothing!

In fact, in 2009 just in the UK, consumers amassed a total online shopping spend of 38 billion, predicted by Forrester Research to rise to 56 billion by 2014. That's a huge online spend, especially when you consider the fact that the UK was in the grip of a recession from which it did not officially emerge until the end of the year.

More and more businesses are switching on to the fact that simply having a website is really not enough unless people can actually find it. And as Internet users globally have something of a love affair with Google and the other major search engines, ranking well within them is a key way of generating website traffic from consumers searching for your products and services.

Drop Shipping Services

Dropshipping is one of the most risk free way to sell items on the internet and other mail order retail outlets. You advertise a product on your own internet store, mall or auction site like ebay. A customer sees it and buys the item. You turn around and go to a drop shipper like and order the item, at a cost significantly lower than you just sold it. You provide idropshipper with your customers address and Idropshipper ships the product to your customer without any indication where the product came from.
You only buy what you have already sold. Once you have sold a product you forward your orders directly to us via your very own members accounts and we ship the product directly to your buyer. You make the money on the difference between your selling price and your actual cost for the product.
With dropshipping you have no inventory, no packaging, no trips to the Post Office, and no paperwork! Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only have to turn and around and repackage it to ship to your customer and pay double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense.
A lot of people are doing this on a daily basis and with variety of products that we provide our members.
WHOLESALE: You may also purchase our product at wholesale prices and sell directly through your own store to the public.We offer extra discounts for whole sale purchases.

Drop Shipping

  • Unlike other so called drop shippers, we are not your competitors, we are your partner. We make sales, when you make sales.
  • Our Prices. We understand that the more competive advantage you have over other sellers, the more we will sell. The more you sell, the more we sell. So it is no suprise that we sell it to you less than any other drop shipper.Take a look at our product page and compare with others, and you will understand.
  • No Minimum Others. You may buy wholesale or you may buy single item. Either way, we will ship it for you to your customers.
  • Your Customers are your customers. Your customers do not know anything about us. We ship your products withour any information that will identify us. And your customers will contact you, not us.

Home Business

Frustrated Trying To Build Your Online Home Business?
Ever Wondered About The Power Of "Mutual" Benefactoring?
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Source of Income and Internet

There are various sources through which one can easily earn while enjoying their holidays. There is very less efforts required if one act smartly. I don’t mean to say that by overnight you can easily achive, rather I mean to say that you have to work hard in starting to establish the cycle of getting regular online income or say a passive income.

First, you have to locate the source from where you expect that you can earn like writing about college notes or about your travelling experience to certain destination. The pro and cons of taking medical attendance etc and etc.

Easily you learn from online available books like this one

You can buy this by clicking on the photo which will guide you to a new window of amazon site.

This book is a excellent tutorial and inform your about sources from where you can earn a handsome passive income. Provides complete step by step frame work to use the source to earn passive or online income.

There are other books too which are available online and can help you to refresh your mind to think differently and developing new ideas that how you can get the regular income online. These books are also available on amazon and the you can buy them just by one click on the below pictures which will take you to amazon site on new window .




So guys, best of luck from my site, even after going through these books, in any case you are not getting what you want, do contact us by commenting in the comment box below.

Earn Passive Income by Investing in India

Passive Income Book

Today India is developing with firm and sure base. The government is stable and the huge democratic country of the world is fully supported by every Indian and the Politicians.

This is the best time and better than investing in India then Investing in China. The reasin are various, right from international conflicts to domestic problems in China. Whereas, India is always ready to settle any international issues and have fair trade relations with all countries around the globe.

As per me the best investment business in India is bonds of Infrastructure companies. At present the Ministry of Surface Transport in India is developing huge network of Roads and bridges, For these tenders even foreign companies are bidding and developing the road links throughout India.

Also to be noted investment in these Government Infrastructure (Infra) bonds are also tax free. Some banks in India may can charge entry or exit charges, but rest all are free of tax and these infra bonds mature with in 10-15 years.

For more details do contact us, we will inform you about how to invest, who can invest, cap / lock-in period, interest rates, taxation extra. As a rough idea, interest rates is 8-9% for 10 years government bonds and INR 1,00,000 is limit under section 80C.This may be subjected to change without any notice. Provided data is for estimation purpose only.

You may be interested in learning more from below books


Ship On Sale - Container Carrier DWT 7,400

Cantainer Carrier of DWT 7,400 for sale



BUILT - 1994. 08. 01
LOA - 120.57M
LBP - 111.73M
BREADTH - 19.60M
English: Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG ...
Gaschem Jümme, semi-refrigerated LPG / Ammonia / VCM- Carrier. Gross tonnage: 4,822 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
DEPTH - 8.30M
M/ENGINE - MAK 9M453C 3300KW 600RPM
G/ENGINE - MAN D2842LE?2.375KW.1500RPM
    NO.1 TK BREADTH : 8.10M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 13.47M
    NO.2 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 40.04M
    NO.3 TK BREADTH : 15.20M (F) / 15.20M(A) * LENGTH : 26.45M
    F.O : 591.24TONS - 10TKS (6 STORAGE TK)
    D.O : 119.4TONS - 3 TKS (1 STORAGE TK)
    F.W : 167.7TONS - 2 TKS
    B.W : 3086.3TONS - 2 7TKS

PRICE : USD 1.8 million



Bank Guarantee | Transfer and Discounting

Funding, BG discounting, SBLC, loan againt bank guarnatee, BG,

Bank Guarantee Transferring and getting funds.

Bank Guarantees are itself a payment security which is backed by a certain bank. Most of the time people can be seen buying and selling bank guarantees online. Do you think its possible or its a true business to trade in Bank Guarantees ?

As informed, bank guarantees cant be sold or purchased, its a payment instrument issued for a particular business and backed by purchase order or contract.

Most of the agents seems promising certain clients that they can get bank guarantees to enhance their limits for a certain time period. But never seen any client who either has accepted that they got such commitments fulfilled by any agent.

Comments are invited for more clarification.

Easy Money Making Tips | Proved

How to Make Easy Money Online

how to make easy money online
Easy Money makers

Published by:

Today every one is interested in making easy money. The Internet is loaded with tons of tips and information for easy making money either on-line or by doing jobs / works or business orders. But most of the people fails as the main key is 'patience' which each and every one wants lacks. Making easy money tips only works with those who can wait till their tried tips start working.

I myself have utilized most of the on-line tips and proud to be among those who makes money on-line. Still lots of my colleagues and even my known don’t believe that I am this much easily make money just sitting in front on computer and talking on phone.

When I first time was introduced to Internet by one on my colleague who helped in getting a part time job in a office, I was surprised to see the potential of the Internet if clubbed with a computer and the outcome is marvelous. From that day onward I started for searching for most of the tips on-line which can help me to make money on-line.

Today am ninety nine percent Internet and my phone helps me making easy money and live a life full of confidence. Yes its true just by spending few hours on-line you can surely make lots of money. But some cheap minded people started selling this tips even providing complete knowledge and informing the actual time required when the tips will start working. The reason is simple that if you inform some one that the easy money making tips only can work after, say about 90 days or a year, then no one will buy their product.

In my case it took enough time to firstly learn what it is and then implement and make easy money on-line.

Funding For New Business | Start Ups

Finance Services for Business
Business Loans, Private Finance, Project Funding, Financiers, NRI Funds

With the proven track records, some private institution feels comfortable in lending to new start ups. Since these private lenders are partnered with best investing companies or individuals, they successfully operates the entire procedures for financing the newly start ups.

The private financiers always comes up with flexible terms which helps the borrowers to easily start up their ventures. Once the private financiers supports the new venture, in the later stage some old players may also show interest to either fund you directly or join your team.

The investment banks in private sectors also plays a major role in funding. They are very much interested in funding the right venture and should prove the in long run.

New ventures seeking working capital firstly come up with proper projection of their business. Lenders always checks whether there is demand and requirement of such business in market. Once its proved, the second important point is how much time the business going to require funding from outer source, when it will handle its own funding and when the business going to start making profit. The operators of the business or ventures also should prove themselves as qualified for certain program which will help them to manage the business / venture .

Loans for business are available from various private sectors financiers, private lenders and even Banks also support. 

The start up business should prove its presence in the market and there should be real need of such venture. This will make the venture / business more attractive to the banks, private financers and even the individual investors.

Business Loan for Emerging and Start Ups

Business Loan, Finance, Investors, Bank Loan, Project Finance, Lenders, Business investors

The need for business loan is common among the emerging entrepreneurs. To get suitable lenders and financiers who can invest in their emerging business or startups one needs to provide with adequate information. What a financier requires is more information. It might be possible that with the first approach no result will be seen and you have to try for the second time with enoughinformation which might be missing in the previous one.

Borrowers are always interested in dealing with the banks as their root financier and lender.  The borrower always expects that the bank should understand their business plans along with the need for the value. At the same time, banks always will expect full information which they may can doubt is being hidden from them.

With the economy struggling with the ongoing crisis, financiers always interested in lending to small business. Lending to small business established has mostly provided excellent gains and recovery to the banks. The government support to small business also is a added advantage. This is the most promising idea which helps the lenders as well as borrowers from small business to emerge in the private sector.

Small Business | Bank as Lender

Loans (Photo credit: zingbot)

Private and Bank Business Loans

Lenders play important role when it comes to funding business. Today the business running in large scale can get funded easily where as the business like start-ups and small scale faces banks unwillingness to finance them or organize any business loan. To cover their finance needs, most of the startup business search for private lender, but for a business to maintain and operate smoothly, both the banker and private funds are required. Most of the bank and non bank lenders are not interested to provide loan without any collateral security and once this demand is met, they require the past experience of the business promoters as well as proper projection of repayments. In the event, if you don’t have proper background, then also there is very less chances of getting the business funded up.


Today Government supports every individual to start their own business and special grants along with easy funding schemes are also introduced. The micro loans scheme is for those with proper projection of your business along with your experience in  the field. Short term loans are also issued by several Governments undertaking Banks to meet the funding requirement by new start ups. The bank as lender can prove to be angel and proper guidance can help the business to prosper. With all documents in place, the business loan approval time is also swift.

If the borrowed loan repayments are on time, the chances to get more support from the bank increases.

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