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Rubber Plantation in Maharashtra

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Rubber Plantation Business

Investment in Commercial Rubber Plantaion Business.

Rubber plantations have been gaining popularity in Maharashtra, particularly in the Konkan region, due to the favorable climatic and agricultural conditions. Rubber is a versatile industrial raw material used in various sectors, including the automobile industry, and its demand consistently outstrips supply, leading to price increases. Therefore, promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can be a profitable investment and a step towards self-sufficiency in this critical raw material.

rubber plantation

Rubber cultivation has a long history in India, but it has only recently gained attention in Maharashtra. The region's climate and soil conditions are similar to traditional rubber-growing areas, making it an ideal location for rubber plantations. Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts have been identified as suitable areas for rubber cultivation, and efforts are being made to promote this crop in the region.

Promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra requires a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the government, private companies, and farmers. The government can play a crucial role in promoting rubber cultivation by providing subsidies and incentives to farmers. For instance, the Maharashtra government can provide subsidies for rubber plantation establishment, maintenance, and processing. Such subsidies can reduce the initial investment costs for farmers and encourage them to adopt rubber cultivation.

The government can also promote rubber cultivation by creating awareness about the benefits of this crop. This can be achieved through extension services, training programs, and awareness campaigns. The government can collaborate with private companies and agricultural institutions to provide training and support to farmers. Such initiatives can help farmers acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to establish and maintain rubber plantations successfully.

Private companies can also play a significant role in promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra. Companies in the rubber industry can invest in research and development to improve rubber cultivation techniques and processing methods. They can also collaborate with farmers and provide them with technical support and market linkages. Such partnerships can help farmers increase their productivity and income, thereby promoting rubber cultivation in the region.

Farmers are the key to the success of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra. They need to be motivated and encouraged to adopt rubber cultivation. This can be achieved by providing them with incentives, training, and support. The government and private companies can work together to create a conducive environment for farmers to adopt rubber cultivation. This can include providing access to quality planting materials, extension services, and credit facilities.

The promotion of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can have significant economic and environmental benefits. Rubber cultivation can provide new job opportunities, generate income for farmers, and contribute to the state's economy. It can also help in absorbing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable agriculture. However, rubber cultivation should be promoted in a sustainable and responsible manner, taking into account the environmental and social impacts.

In conclusion, promoting rubber cultivation in Maharashtra requires a concerted effort from various stakeholders, including the government, private companies, and farmers. The government can play a crucial role in promoting rubber cultivation by providing subsidies and incentives to farmers. Private companies can invest in research and development and collaborate with farmers to provide technical support and market linkages. Farmers are the key to the success of rubber cultivation, and they need to be motivated and encouraged to adopt this crop. The promotion of rubber cultivation in Maharashtra can have significant economic and environmental benefits, but it should be done in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Warehouse for Sale at Navi Mumbai

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Commercial Warehouse for Sale at Navi Mumbai, India Good Opportunity for Investment.

Commercial Properties, Warehouse for Sale

Navi Mumbai, a planned city in the state of Maharashtra, India, is a hub for commercial and industrial activities. The city offers a range of commercial properties for sale, including warehouses. If you're looking for a warehouse for sale in Navi Mumbai, you'll find various options to suit your needs.
One of the localities in Navi Mumbai that has a good number of warehouses for sale is Ghansoli. This locality is convenient and well-connected to other parts of the city. It is close to the Reliance Corporate IT park and the Ghansoli Railway Station, making it an ideal location for warehouses. The locality has good access to public transportation, and the streets are well-lit and safe at night.

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Another locality to consider is Kamothe, which is a fast-developing area in Navi Mumbai. Kamothe has several warehouses for sale in various sizes. The locality has good connectivity to the Mumbai-Pune highway and is close to the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport. The area is also close to markets, schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it a convenient location for businesses.
When looking for a warehouse for sale in Navi Mumbai, you should consider factors such as location, size, and connectivity. A warehouse in a convenient and well-connected location will be more accessible to suppliers, customers, and employees. The size of the warehouse should be suitable for your needs, and it should have good connectivity to major roads and highways.
Some of the warehouses for sale in Navi Mumbai come with facilities such as mini-theaters, car wash areas, and business lounges. These facilities can add value to your business and make the warehouse more attractive to potential buyers.
In conclusion, Navi Mumbai offers a range of warehouses for sale in various sizes and locations. Localities such as Ghansoli and Kamothe have good connectivity, well-lit streets, and access to public transportation, making them ideal locations for warehouses. When looking for a warehouse for sale in Navi Mumbai, consider factors such as location, size, and connectivity to ensure that you find the right property for your business needs.

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Earn Passive Income by Investing in India

Passive Income Book

Today India is developing with firm and sure base. The government is stable and the huge democratic country of the world is fully supported by every Indian and the Politicians.

This is the best time and better than investing in India then Investing in China. The reasin are various, right from international conflicts to domestic problems in China. Whereas, India is always ready to settle any international issues and have fair trade relations with all countries around the globe.

As per me the best investment business in India is bonds of Infrastructure companies. At present the Ministry of Surface Transport in India is developing huge network of Roads and bridges, For these tenders even foreign companies are bidding and developing the road links throughout India.

Also to be noted investment in these Government Infrastructure (Infra) bonds are also tax free. Some banks in India may can charge entry or exit charges, but rest all are free of tax and these infra bonds mature with in 10-15 years.

For more details do contact us, we will inform you about how to invest, who can invest, cap / lock-in period, interest rates, taxation extra. As a rough idea, interest rates is 8-9% for 10 years government bonds and INR 1,00,000 is limit under section 80C.This may be subjected to change without any notice. Provided data is for estimation purpose only.

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Business Loan for Emerging and Start Ups

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The need for business loan is common among the emerging entrepreneurs. To get suitable lenders and financiers who can invest in their emerging business or startups one needs to provide with adequate information. What a financier requires is more information. It might be possible that with the first approach no result will be seen and you have to try for the second time with enoughinformation which might be missing in the previous one.

Borrowers are always interested in dealing with the banks as their root financier and lender.  The borrower always expects that the bank should understand their business plans along with the need for the value. At the same time, banks always will expect full information which they may can doubt is being hidden from them.

With the economy struggling with the ongoing crisis, financiers always interested in lending to small business. Lending to small business established has mostly provided excellent gains and recovery to the banks. The government support to small business also is a added advantage. This is the most promising idea which helps the lenders as well as borrowers from small business to emerge in the private sector.

Mutual Funds in India | Performance of Funds and Investment

Mutual Funds Investments

The fund management size of particular mutual funds always matter in terms of performance. There are top 10 existing mutual funds in India, which maintains them at top position. When most of the investors were redeeming their equity mutual fund points, these top mutual funds were still attracting the investors for their equity assets


Investors always choose to invest mutual funds with proven track records and well performing funds. There is rise of minimum 3% comparing to past for equity asset investments. The bigger fund houses were the gainers in 2012.

Indian rupee collection
Indian rupee collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The small town investors should always opt for investing in mutual funds. Investment by small town investors is more secure in mutual funds, since there is very less investment awareness in these regions of country.

With the rising investment from NRI’s, the performance is expected to further rise. As everyone knows that now NRI’s also can invest in mutual funds directly but in Indian Rupees only. They even have to issue banking cheques in Indian Rupees only while sending for investment for mutual funds in India. Its mandatory for NRI’s to mark their investment as “NRI investment” and provide their banking details.
It will be now mandatory as per SEBI guidelines, the fund industry have to spend for investor awareness and education.

Investment through SIP is the best option in the volatile market to invest in infrastructure as this sector promises benefits for long term investment.

Top Performing Mutual Funds | India


Mutual Funds in Year 2013

Reliance Mutual Fund
Reliance Mutual Fund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, debt mutual funds are the best performing mutual funds. The debt mutual funds primarily invest in debentures, bonds, fixed incomes, securities etc for either long term, short term or medium term. The debt funds are low risk funds with higher returns in comparisons to fixed deposits in banks.
Debt funds are easy to liquidate and come with flexible investment terms and withdrawal facility. Investing in debt mutual funds proves to be good investment when interest rates are falling.

Investors who are plans to get returns above bank interest rates and face low market risk can invest in these debt mutual funds. For better returns, invest in debt mutual funds for a period between 3 to 5 years.

Always note that all mutual funds are unstable and are directly exposed to market risk. Also save yourselves from the miss-selling from agents or brokers. Before investing, check the past performance of the mutual fund. If you don’t feel comfortable, study more, and invest only when you are clear and comfortable. The mutual funds schemes don’t provide any guarantee for objective provided in the mutual fund schemes.

Once you become mutual fund savvy investor, you will feel comfortable and easy to invest and will reap the effective and safe returns from mutual funds.
In year 2013 it is expected that in debt mutual fund category Birla Sun Life Medium Term, Franklin Templeton India Income Builder Plan A and Religare Active Income Plan A will be the best performer.

Among the balanced mutual funds, HDFC Balanced, HDFC Prudence, Reliance Regular Saving Balance and Birla Sun Life will be the best performer.

In this blog above all details are provided in good faith but without guarantee. Readers should take advice of their own or experts before investing.

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