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Mutual Funds Investments

The fund management size of particular mutual funds always matter in terms of performance. There are top 10 existing mutual funds in India, which maintains them at top position. When most of the investors were redeeming their equity mutual fund points, these top mutual funds were still attracting the investors for their equity assets


Investors always choose to invest mutual funds with proven track records and well performing funds. There is rise of minimum 3% comparing to past for equity asset investments. The bigger fund houses were the gainers in 2012.

Indian rupee collection
Indian rupee collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The small town investors should always opt for investing in mutual funds. Investment by small town investors is more secure in mutual funds, since there is very less investment awareness in these regions of country.

With the rising investment from NRI’s, the performance is expected to further rise. As everyone knows that now NRI’s also can invest in mutual funds directly but in Indian Rupees only. They even have to issue banking cheques in Indian Rupees only while sending for investment for mutual funds in India. Its mandatory for NRI’s to mark their investment as “NRI investment” and provide their banking details.
It will be now mandatory as per SEBI guidelines, the fund industry have to spend for investor awareness and education.

Investment through SIP is the best option in the volatile market to invest in infrastructure as this sector promises benefits for long term investment.

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