Drop Shipping Services

Dropshipping is one of the most risk free way to sell items on the internet and other mail order retail outlets. You advertise a product on your own internet store, mall or auction site like ebay. A customer sees it and buys the item. You turn around and go to a drop shipper like idropshipper.com and order the item, at a cost significantly lower than you just sold it. You provide idropshipper with your customers address and Idropshipper ships the product to your customer without any indication where the product came from.
You only buy what you have already sold. Once you have sold a product you forward your orders directly to us via your very own members accounts and we ship the product directly to your buyer. You make the money on the difference between your selling price and your actual cost for the product.
With dropshipping you have no inventory, no packaging, no trips to the Post Office, and no paperwork! Why pay to have a product shipped to yourself to only have to turn and around and repackage it to ship to your customer and pay double shipping charges, it just doesn't make sense.
A lot of people are doing this on a daily basis and with variety of products that we provide our members.
WHOLESALE: You may also purchase our product at wholesale prices and sell directly through your own store to the public.We offer extra discounts for whole sale purchases.

Drop Shipping

  • Unlike other so called drop shippers, we are not your competitors, we are your partner. We make sales, when you make sales.
  • Our Prices. We understand that the more competive advantage you have over other sellers, the more we will sell. The more you sell, the more we sell. So it is no suprise that we sell it to you less than any other drop shipper.Take a look at our product page and compare with others, and you will understand.
  • No Minimum Others. You may buy wholesale or you may buy single item. Either way, we will ship it for you to your customers.
  • Your Customers are your customers. Your customers do not know anything about us. We ship your products withour any information that will identify us. And your customers will contact you, not us.

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