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Mutual Investment

investing in Mutual Funds will all remain the first priority which every fund manager or financial consultant will advice you. Investing wisely in Mutual funds will always provide better returns. I myself invested in various mutual funds and almost received returns of more than 15%.

Mutual funds are managed by highly qualified and experienced professional fund managers and is these managers work for Asset Management Companies. Your money is handled by these Asset Management Companies (AMC) and the money is invested in various bonds and funds along with government bonds and money market.

Its always a right time to invest in Mutual Funds. There is no specific age limit but yes it requires patience and if one waits for certain time period, he / she really will reap the benefit. So you can prepare a target regarding a certain amount of funds required after a certain period. For example, if you require 1 Cr or say US$ 1 million after 10years then how much you need to invest from today every month to achieve the target.

There are various mutual funds available in market and one can choose as per their requirements that in which mutual fund they want to invest.

The main are listed below

1) Equity

2) Debt

3) Money market

4) Hybrid Funds

Beside this, all mutual funds are categorized into Open Ended ( any time you can withdraw) and Closed Ended (fix maturity value).
Those who have interested and want more information can read our blogs or may directly ask questions in the comment box.
We also provide consultancy services for choosing and investing in perfect Mutual Funds matching your needs, for example, whether you are planing for retirement, child eduction, repayments, etc. The returns are totally depend on market.

Some of the books are available on Amazon and you can read those also to get proper view and understanding about mutual funds. You can these books online also.



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