Investing plans and opportunity in India

In the coming year the investors will be mostly attracted to various investment plans and investment opportunity in India. Gold Investment in India has provided with returns of 30% and stock market returns were around 17% this year.

The highest returns were reported from real estate of about 60% to 100% in the year 2010 mostly in residential real estate sector. With the increase in the prices of residential real estate, it may be possible that the investors will focus on commercial real estate in future.

Banking sector provided with the growth of 6-10% and is expected that it will perform better. Power sector is open with huge investment opportunity and investors can reap high profits in this sector as the demand is expected to increase more in coming years. Further to this, agriculture sector has always been the best choice for the investors as the demand of food and food products are on rise. 

The mutual funds in India are the next options for the investors who don’t want to take risk while investing in India. This is the best investment plan with low investings.
Development of Ports and Shipping is also watched as the best option to invest as Government is planning to invest and boost this sector.

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