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Bank Guarantee | Transfer and Discounting

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Bank Guarantee Transferring and getting funds.

Bank Guarantees are itself a payment security which is backed by a certain bank. Most of the time people can be seen buying and selling bank guarantees online. Do you think its possible or its a true business to trade in Bank Guarantees ?

As informed, bank guarantees cant be sold or purchased, its a payment instrument issued for a particular business and backed by purchase order or contract.

Most of the agents seems promising certain clients that they can get bank guarantees to enhance their limits for a certain time period. But never seen any client who either has accepted that they got such commitments fulfilled by any agent.

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Small Business | Bank as Lender

Loans (Photo credit: zingbot)

Private and Bank Business Loans

Lenders play important role when it comes to funding business. Today the business running in large scale can get funded easily where as the business like start-ups and small scale faces banks unwillingness to finance them or organize any business loan. To cover their finance needs, most of the startup business search for private lender, but for a business to maintain and operate smoothly, both the banker and private funds are required. Most of the bank and non bank lenders are not interested to provide loan without any collateral security and once this demand is met, they require the past experience of the business promoters as well as proper projection of repayments. In the event, if you don’t have proper background, then also there is very less chances of getting the business funded up.


Today Government supports every individual to start their own business and special grants along with easy funding schemes are also introduced. The micro loans scheme is for those with proper projection of your business along with your experience in  the field. Short term loans are also issued by several Governments undertaking Banks to meet the funding requirement by new start ups. The bank as lender can prove to be angel and proper guidance can help the business to prosper. With all documents in place, the business loan approval time is also swift.

If the borrowed loan repayments are on time, the chances to get more support from the bank increases.

Business Loans | Banks and Non Bank Financial Companies

Finance Against Letter of Credits

Funds against Letter of Credits, Financers, Discountings

Finance against Letter of Credit

The most import thing in business is finance, which everyone is looking for and few are able to achieve it. And who achieve and able to manage makes name and fame around the globe.


The common practice in business in terms of sale and purchase, where the volume is high either of the commodity or the funds, the buyer or importer is always feel safe by issuing the letter of credit. The supplier or the trader on the other hand is not able to deny since they don’t want to lose the business.

Now comes the important part, once the letter of credit is issued after certain documentations and approval of prices, the traders or the exporter starts locating a suitable financier who can provide him / his company funds to procure the cargo / material to be supplied as per the instructions in the letter of credit.
Before proceeding to the financier or arranging for finance to honor the letter of credit, do check whether the letter of credit is a USANCE or AT SIGHT.
Both are having certain terms and conditions regarding the remittance of payment to the supplier.
As a suitable and powerful financier, the banks are the best one. They extend support as per the requirement of their client once the client compiles with their terms and conditions, in order to make the bank comfortable to finance the client.
But in most of cases, the terms and conditions set by the banks are not able met, and then we have to use the second secured channel. Get the bank feel secured by providing the bank with collateral security. The banks will provide you either with Over Drafting facility or Credit Limit depending on the value of collateral security you are providing to the bank. This OD or CC limits can be utilized by the supplier to fund their pre-shipment procedure and after getting the remittance, can repay the bankers.

In my other post I will inform about options to get funds other than the banks.


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BOE and Promissory Note

Bill Of Exchange and Promissory Notes
Complete details available with comparison factors. Read for more details and all information mentioned below.


English: Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View o...
Bank and Royal Exchange c1974. View of Royal Exchange about 1974. Note NatWest Tower under construction in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A bill  of exchange differs from a promissory note on the following points:
PromissoryNoteBill of Exchange
  • It is promise to pay
  • It is an order to pay
  • There are only two parties the drawer, and the payee.
  • There are three parties, the drawer, the drawee, and the payee.
  • There is no necessity of acceptance
  • It must be accepted
  • The maker is primarily liable
  • The drawer is not primarily liable.
  • It is never drawn in sets
  • Foreign bills are specially drawn in sets.
  • Protesting is not necessary after dishonour
  • A foreignbill must be protested upon dishonor.

Read more at  Account Management


Usance LC | Discounting Facility

Usance LC Discounting facility

Usance Letter of Credit  [Usance LC] and possibilities for Discounting

Letter of credit is the most common method of payment in business and into commonly practice by seller and buyers.

Most of the Buyers are interested in opening USANCE LETTER OF CREDIT (Usance LC). Let’s first understand the Usance Letter of Credit.

Letter of Credit Discounting

USANCE LETTER OF CREDIT which is also known as Usance LC in short is letter of credit issued by purchaser or buyer to the seller or supplier who will get the draft for say 180 days sight, but after negotiating with bankers can get the money at sight. On the other hand the purchaser / Buyer or importer who had opened the Usance LC will pay his bankers after 180 days.

If simple ordinary language, the Usance LC receiver can negotiate and discount the Usance LC against the negotiable documents like invoices / BL / quality of certificate as mentioned in the contract under the clause ‘Documents required for Payment’. The Usance LC receiver’s bank will, after getting the confirmation from the Usance LC issuing bank will release the payment to the Usance LC receiver and thus the Usance LC receiver will get the payment at sight; off course the payment will attract interest as per the banks standard terms.

The terms “Usance” means the tenor for which the Letter of Credit is issued and the Bill of Exchange to be drawn by the beneficiary on and duly accepted by the name drawee. The payment will be made at sight when the Usance LC clearly indicates that the Usance bills drawn are to be negotiated at sight.

The Usance LC with above terms can be discounted and the exporter / supplier / seller can get the payment at sight.

Commercial property investors in India

investment business

Business: Invest in Commercial Properties in India

Investing in Property Business

In India, the commercial property investment sector has been growing steadily over the past few years. This growth can be attributed to several factors, including the increasing demand for commercial spaces, the government's initiatives to promote real estate investments, and the changing preferences of investors.
Here are some key commercial property investors in India

Large Corporations

Large corporations in India, such as Reliance Industries, Tata Group, and Mahindra & Mahindra, have been actively investing in commercial real estate to expand their business operations and establish a strong presence in the market.
Real estate developers: Real estate developers, such as DLF, Unitech, and Purvankara, have been playing a significant role in the commercial property investment sector. They invest in developing commercial properties, such as office spaces, shopping malls, and warehouses, and then lease them out to tenants.

Foreign Investors

Foreign investors, including institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, have been increasingly investing in the Indian commercial property market. They see the potential for high returns and growth in the Indian economy.

Mutual Funds and Pension Funds

Mutual funds and pension funds have been investing in commercial real estate as part of their investment portfolios. They believe that commercial real estate offers stable returns and growth potential.

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Venture Capital firms

Venture capital firms have been investing in commercial real estate projects in India. They provide capital to developers and investors to help them develop and manage commercial properties.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions, such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and State Bank of India, have been providing loans and other financial services to investors in the commercial property sector. They see the potential for growth and returns in this sector.

Individual Investors

Individual investors, including high-net-worth individuals and professionals, have been investing in commercial real estate as part of their investment portfolios. They believe that commercial real estate offers stable returns and growth potential.

In conclusion, the commercial property investment sector in India is diverse and dynamic, with a wide range of investors participating in this market. The increasing demand for commercial spaces, the government's initiatives to promote real estate investments, and the changing preferences of investors are driving the growth of this sector.

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Business Funding and Loans

Financiers available for suitable business in India
Private Finance & Business Loans

Business Loan for Emerging and Start Ups

Business Loan, Finance, Investors, Bank Loan, Project Finance, Lenders, Business investors

The need for business loan is common among the emerging entrepreneurs. To get suitable lenders and financiers who can invest in their emerging business or startups one needs to provide with adequate information. What a financier requires is more information. It might be possible that with the first approach no result will be seen and you have to try for the second time with enoughinformation which might be missing in the previous one.

Borrowers are always interested in dealing with the banks as their root financier and lender.  The borrower always expects that the bank should understand their business plans along with the need for the value. At the same time, banks always will expect full information which they may can doubt is being hidden from them.

With the economy struggling with the ongoing crisis, financiers always interested in lending to small business. Lending to small business established has mostly provided excellent gains and recovery to the banks. The government support to small business also is a added advantage. This is the most promising idea which helps the lenders as well as borrowers from small business to emerge in the private sector.

Quick Loans

Today in the fast track life, every business and individual require extra financial support to match with the time and develop itself. Many banks and non banking financial corporations are coming forward to support professional like salaried people as well as businesses to develop themselves.

The limit of loan depends upon you CIBIL Rating. With good records and complete required documents, one can expect that the dream is going to be reality. First we will talk about business loan which is easy and very straight forward with banks and non banking corporations. To get oneself approved with required loan there are lot many points to be kept in mind before approaching then.

First, check for the required documents they are asking. Most of the banks have all these details available online for loan application. The other option is you can call there customer care and ask them the required documents list. Try to get maximum documents lined up as per the required document list like personal details and past performance records.

Other major documents the bank may can ask is collateral, means security for the loan, we will discus it later how to arrange the Collateral security. The other main document is your knowledge and past experience in the business for which you applied for the loan. Either of one should be available with you in order to negotiate for the other document. Like in case you have collateral security then we can negotiate with bank for past experience like informing them that we are going to hire the best experienced officers to work with us. In other case if you have a good record experience, then we can try to arrange third party collateral security which loan provider / lender may can easily accept.

There also so many companies and banks which are ready to lend you money with out any collateral security. For that also some of the norms have to be followed. The main is your online identity which can be easily traceable and stable online. Mostly banks check CIBIL ratings and you taxation as proof of your stability.

So yes there is a huge chance that you can get the required loan subjected you knock the doors of the correct financier either they are banker, non banker or private financiers.
In India, City of Mumbai has the highest number of Angel Investors who are ready to lend you even if you are purity a fresh start up.

You can click on the pictures in case you are interested in buying the books available on amazon for studying more about quick loan.

How to Save Tax | What are Tax Exemption Limits

Tax Exemption limits in India


Proper tax planning can help you in saving lot of money. Start from a proper planning by dividing your income within your relatives. By doing this each individual will be able to maintain their own tax slab and can enjoy their personal tax exemption limits. If each family member is having their own income source, then they become legally an independent tax payer.

The income of the individual can’t be distributed among the family member. The simple way is by using the facility of Gifts and Settlements.

There are also other tax exemptions limits as mention below

A)    Section 80C (Limit upto Rs.1,00,000/-)
This includes the following
FD for min 5 Years
Post Office SB
Infra Sector Bonds
Child education expenditures (limited to Rs.200 per month and for 2 children)
Tuition fees (Max limit Rs.24,000)
Housing Loan

B)    Section 80CCD
This deduction is over and above the deduction available under section 80C
If the NPS account is provided by your employer and deduction is limited to 10% of the basic salary, then you can claim the benefit. Only the returns on NPS are tax free and the withdrawals are taxable.

C)   Section 80CCG
Under “Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme”, if the investor has the taxable income below Rs.10 Lakhs, the investor will be able to claim 50% deduction of his investment in the equity, limited to the investment of Rs.50,000
The Investment should be lock in for minimum 3 years.

D)   Section 80TTA
The interest received on Saving Bank account upto Rs.10,000 every year is tax free.

E)    Section 80D
Medical insurance premium for self and dependents upto max Rs.15,000
Health Check-ups upto Rs.5000
In case the premium is paid for medical insurance of parents, deduction is allowed upto Rs.15,000
If Self / dependent is Senior Citizens, medical insurance premium for self and dependents deduction allowed upto Rs.20,000
If parent is senior citizen, deduction allowed upto Rs.20,000 for premium paid for medical insurance

F)    Section 80DD
Any expenditure made for disabled dependent towards treatment / rehabilitation / training and also the premium paid for LIC insurance for the disabled dependent.
Claim can be made upto Rs.50,000 for normal disabled and Rs.1,00,000 for severe disabled dependent.


G)   Section 80DDB
Deduction of upto Rs.40,000 is allowed for the expenditure made towards disease or ailment such as cancer, aids etc
For Senior Citizen the deduction is upto Rs.60,000

H)   Section 80E
Deduction allowed for any load repayment for higher education (all education above 12th Class is allowed both for vocational of Full Time. Condition, that the school / college / institute to be registered / recognized with government.

I)     Section 80G
Donation to the political parties is 100% exemption and donation to charities depending on charity like 25/50/75/100%

J)     Section 80U
For permanent disabled upto Rs.50,000 allowed and for the permanent disabled more than 80%, the maximum deduction permitted is Rs.1,00,000

K)    Section 24(1)(vi)
Housing loan interest limited to Rs.1,50,000 for loan taken after 1st April 1999
Other than these the other exemption is allowed for any contribution company in the hands of the employee upto Rs.1,00,000 tax free. Transport Allowance or Conveyance charges upto Rs.9,600 is tax free. No supporting bills are required.
House Rent Allowance (HRA) given to an employee is tax free for 50% of the annual basic in case of metros and 40% of basic in case of non-metros. Or the actual HRA received or the rent paid upto 10% of annual basic.

Provident Fund investment upto Rs.1,00,000 is tax exempted, subjected if the overall investment limit of Rs.1,00,000 under section 80C.

No income tax is on the Gift received from your family and specific relatives. Gifts received from parties other than relatives upto Rs.50,000 is exempted from income tax.
Gifts received at the time of marriage upto any amount is tax exempted. Gift received should be genuine and the person making gift should have the proper details for the source for making gift. Kindly note, as per section 64, there should not be any direct or indirect transfer of funds between assesses and his/her spouse. Means if the husband makes gift to wife or wife makes gift to husband, it will be taxed.


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