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Commercial Land 20,000 Sq ft at Taloja, Navi Mumbai

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Commercial Land for Sale

Investment in Commercial Land and Properties at Taloja,Navi Mumbai, India.

For businesses in search of a large-scale commercial space in the Navi Mumbai area, a 20,000 sq ft plot of land in Taloja offers excellent potential. Situated in a strategic industrial or commercial zone, this sizable parcel presents a prime opportunity to develop a substantial warehouse or commercial unit tailored to meet the needs of a thriving enterprise. The ample 20,000 sq mtr size of the land allows for the creation of a spacious facility, ideal for large-scale warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, or office operations.

This generous square footage enables businesses to optimize efficiency, streamline logistics, and provide adequate space for staff, equipment, and inventory.

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Taloja's well-developed social and physical infrastructure, along with its convenient connectivity, further enhances the appeal of this commercial land.

Businesses can take advantage of the area's robust transportation network, ensuring seamless access for employees, customers, and suppliers. Moreover, the Central Business District zoning of the Taloja plot allows for a wide range of retail, office, and restaurant uses, as well as multi-family residential above the first floor and to the rear of commercial uses.

This zoning flexibility opens up various possibilities for developers and businesses, enabling them to create a space that caters specifically to their operational requirements. In summary, the 20,000 sq mtr commercial land available for sale in Taloja, Navi Mumbai, offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses in need of a large-scale warehousing or commercial facility.

Its strategic location, generous square footage, and flexible zoning make it an ideal choice for companies looking to consolidate operations or expand their footprint in the region
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