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Business Funding and Loans

Financiers available for suitable business in India
Private Finance & Business Loans

Self Funding Internet Business

SEO is the short form of, 'search engine optimisation,'. Search engine optimisation, as you might well be able to guess from its name, it's all about optimising your website for the purpose of making it rank better within the search engines. But the question is, why do businesses in particular even bother with it?

Anyone who has looked into SEO has probably heard the term 'spiders,' or 'crawlers,' which are essentially the bots that search engines send to scour the web. The information these bots retrieve makes up the search results within the search engines. By carrying out on page optimisation on your website, you make changes that assist these bots to know exactly what your website is relevant for.

We love the Internet. Over recent years the number of people using it to make purchases or enquire about potential purchases has risen rapidly. We can buy anything online from car insurance, to food and clothing!

In fact, in 2009 just in the UK, consumers amassed a total online shopping spend of 38 billion, predicted by Forrester Research to rise to 56 billion by 2014. That's a huge online spend, especially when you consider the fact that the UK was in the grip of a recession from which it did not officially emerge until the end of the year.

More and more businesses are switching on to the fact that simply having a website is really not enough unless people can actually find it. And as Internet users globally have something of a love affair with Google and the other major search engines, ranking well within them is a key way of generating website traffic from consumers searching for your products and services.

Easy Money Making Tips | Proved

How to Make Easy Money Online

how to make easy money online
Easy Money makers

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Today every one is interested in making easy money. The Internet is loaded with tons of tips and information for easy making money either on-line or by doing jobs / works or business orders. But most of the people fails as the main key is 'patience' which each and every one wants lacks. Making easy money tips only works with those who can wait till their tried tips start working.

I myself have utilized most of the on-line tips and proud to be among those who makes money on-line. Still lots of my colleagues and even my known don’t believe that I am this much easily make money just sitting in front on computer and talking on phone.

When I first time was introduced to Internet by one on my colleague who helped in getting a part time job in a office, I was surprised to see the potential of the Internet if clubbed with a computer and the outcome is marvelous. From that day onward I started for searching for most of the tips on-line which can help me to make money on-line.

Today am ninety nine percent Internet and my phone helps me making easy money and live a life full of confidence. Yes its true just by spending few hours on-line you can surely make lots of money. But some cheap minded people started selling this tips even providing complete knowledge and informing the actual time required when the tips will start working. The reason is simple that if you inform some one that the easy money making tips only can work after, say about 90 days or a year, then no one will buy their product.

In my case it took enough time to firstly learn what it is and then implement and make easy money on-line.

Funding For New Business | Start Ups

Finance Services for Business
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With the proven track records, some private institution feels comfortable in lending to new start ups. Since these private lenders are partnered with best investing companies or individuals, they successfully operates the entire procedures for financing the newly start ups.

The private financiers always comes up with flexible terms which helps the borrowers to easily start up their ventures. Once the private financiers supports the new venture, in the later stage some old players may also show interest to either fund you directly or join your team.

The investment banks in private sectors also plays a major role in funding. They are very much interested in funding the right venture and should prove the in long run.

New ventures seeking working capital firstly come up with proper projection of their business. Lenders always checks whether there is demand and requirement of such business in market. Once its proved, the second important point is how much time the business going to require funding from outer source, when it will handle its own funding and when the business going to start making profit. The operators of the business or ventures also should prove themselves as qualified for certain program which will help them to manage the business / venture .

Loans for business are available from various private sectors financiers, private lenders and even Banks also support. 

The start up business should prove its presence in the market and there should be real need of such venture. This will make the venture / business more attractive to the banks, private financers and even the individual investors.

How to get investments for your Company / Business


Funding for Newly Started Business

Investors for Business / Company

First of all calculate with justification that how much you need?  If the requirement is huge amount which is beyond your friends and known circle then one should consider options like small-business loan, an angel investor or venture capital.

Searching good investors requires a good networking and also a time absorbing thing unless luck supports you. For starters, first you should talk to your banker, who may want to offer you a loan, and sometime they may also suggest you with potentially interested investors, who can be among their clients or any other private institutions. Chamber of Commerce, as well as any business organizations you belong to can also sometimes suggest and advice you with best links of the investors or way to fund up your business.
Business Planning with Plan-Too
Business Planning with Plan-Too (Photo credit: plantoo47)

Searching the internet can help you find Angel Investors and Venture Capital groups and you can get it touch of them directly. You can contact  National Venture Capital Association's website. Under the "Resource Area" tab, they have provided with the numerous descriptions of, and contact information for, regional VC associations. Try to line up with those provided Angel investors and match up angel investors and entrepreneurs with your requirements.  

Investor-Relations-auf-Facebook (Photo credit: koesteran)
Before surfing for the angle investors or venture capital groups, you should always prepare you business plan. With proper business plan for investment along with repayment description will help you to get far. Every investor is interested in learning about your business idea, along with the way it works and the security the working provides for the principal amount along with yielding the best returns. The investor is always eager to know that what you will do with the money that will be invested and how your management will work. The solid five year plan that provides the projection and details that how the business of your will going to make money, what and where is your customer base is, what will be your marketing strategy.
There are lot many websites and online institutions / organizations or groups which provide with complete details of Angel Investors along with Venture Capital groups.
Hire professional to prepare your business plan before approaching them.

How to Save Tax | What are Tax Exemption Limits

Tax Exemption limits in India


Proper tax planning can help you in saving lot of money. Start from a proper planning by dividing your income within your relatives. By doing this each individual will be able to maintain their own tax slab and can enjoy their personal tax exemption limits. If each family member is having their own income source, then they become legally an independent tax payer.

The income of the individual can’t be distributed among the family member. The simple way is by using the facility of Gifts and Settlements.

There are also other tax exemptions limits as mention below

A)    Section 80C (Limit upto Rs.1,00,000/-)
This includes the following
FD for min 5 Years
Post Office SB
Infra Sector Bonds
Child education expenditures (limited to Rs.200 per month and for 2 children)
Tuition fees (Max limit Rs.24,000)
Housing Loan

B)    Section 80CCD
This deduction is over and above the deduction available under section 80C
If the NPS account is provided by your employer and deduction is limited to 10% of the basic salary, then you can claim the benefit. Only the returns on NPS are tax free and the withdrawals are taxable.

C)   Section 80CCG
Under “Rajiv Gandhi Equity Saving Scheme”, if the investor has the taxable income below Rs.10 Lakhs, the investor will be able to claim 50% deduction of his investment in the equity, limited to the investment of Rs.50,000
The Investment should be lock in for minimum 3 years.

D)   Section 80TTA
The interest received on Saving Bank account upto Rs.10,000 every year is tax free.

E)    Section 80D
Medical insurance premium for self and dependents upto max Rs.15,000
Health Check-ups upto Rs.5000
In case the premium is paid for medical insurance of parents, deduction is allowed upto Rs.15,000
If Self / dependent is Senior Citizens, medical insurance premium for self and dependents deduction allowed upto Rs.20,000
If parent is senior citizen, deduction allowed upto Rs.20,000 for premium paid for medical insurance

F)    Section 80DD
Any expenditure made for disabled dependent towards treatment / rehabilitation / training and also the premium paid for LIC insurance for the disabled dependent.
Claim can be made upto Rs.50,000 for normal disabled and Rs.1,00,000 for severe disabled dependent.


G)   Section 80DDB
Deduction of upto Rs.40,000 is allowed for the expenditure made towards disease or ailment such as cancer, aids etc
For Senior Citizen the deduction is upto Rs.60,000

H)   Section 80E
Deduction allowed for any load repayment for higher education (all education above 12th Class is allowed both for vocational of Full Time. Condition, that the school / college / institute to be registered / recognized with government.

I)     Section 80G
Donation to the political parties is 100% exemption and donation to charities depending on charity like 25/50/75/100%

J)     Section 80U
For permanent disabled upto Rs.50,000 allowed and for the permanent disabled more than 80%, the maximum deduction permitted is Rs.1,00,000

K)    Section 24(1)(vi)
Housing loan interest limited to Rs.1,50,000 for loan taken after 1st April 1999
Other than these the other exemption is allowed for any contribution company in the hands of the employee upto Rs.1,00,000 tax free. Transport Allowance or Conveyance charges upto Rs.9,600 is tax free. No supporting bills are required.
House Rent Allowance (HRA) given to an employee is tax free for 50% of the annual basic in case of metros and 40% of basic in case of non-metros. Or the actual HRA received or the rent paid upto 10% of annual basic.

Provident Fund investment upto Rs.1,00,000 is tax exempted, subjected if the overall investment limit of Rs.1,00,000 under section 80C.

No income tax is on the Gift received from your family and specific relatives. Gifts received from parties other than relatives upto Rs.50,000 is exempted from income tax.
Gifts received at the time of marriage upto any amount is tax exempted. Gift received should be genuine and the person making gift should have the proper details for the source for making gift. Kindly note, as per section 64, there should not be any direct or indirect transfer of funds between assesses and his/her spouse. Means if the husband makes gift to wife or wife makes gift to husband, it will be taxed.


Finance Against Letter of Credits

Funds against Letter of Credits, Financers, Discountings

Finance against Letter of Credit

The most import thing in business is finance, which everyone is looking for and few are able to achieve it. And who achieve and able to manage makes name and fame around the globe.


The common practice in business in terms of sale and purchase, where the volume is high either of the commodity or the funds, the buyer or importer is always feel safe by issuing the letter of credit. The supplier or the trader on the other hand is not able to deny since they don’t want to lose the business.

Now comes the important part, once the letter of credit is issued after certain documentations and approval of prices, the traders or the exporter starts locating a suitable financier who can provide him / his company funds to procure the cargo / material to be supplied as per the instructions in the letter of credit.
Before proceeding to the financier or arranging for finance to honor the letter of credit, do check whether the letter of credit is a USANCE or AT SIGHT.
Both are having certain terms and conditions regarding the remittance of payment to the supplier.
As a suitable and powerful financier, the banks are the best one. They extend support as per the requirement of their client once the client compiles with their terms and conditions, in order to make the bank comfortable to finance the client.
But in most of cases, the terms and conditions set by the banks are not able met, and then we have to use the second secured channel. Get the bank feel secured by providing the bank with collateral security. The banks will provide you either with Over Drafting facility or Credit Limit depending on the value of collateral security you are providing to the bank. This OD or CC limits can be utilized by the supplier to fund their pre-shipment procedure and after getting the remittance, can repay the bankers.

In my other post I will inform about options to get funds other than the banks.


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